Zlatan Vehabović, An Atlas of the Lesser World

in partnership with editions of solidarity & care and Artupunktura, proudly presents

Zlatan Vehabović
An Atlas of the Lesser World

September 7th – 16th, 2023
Open daily, by appointment:

Publication presentation and unveiling of new artworks
Artist in conversation with curators Adriana Belay & Nicole Sheyerer

Friday, September 8th at 18:00


Join us for the presentation of Zlatan Vehabović’s new artworks, complimentary of his publication ‘An Atlas of the Lesser World,’ published by the Museum of Arts and Crafts Zagreb. This intimate publication presentation follows his homonymous exhibitions at the National Museum of Modern Art Zagreb and the Museum of Fine Arts Split.

Drawing from his unique sensibility and expressive style, often characterized by a narrative approach and collage methodology, Vehabović embarked on his artistic journey using the museum’s vast collection of over a hundred thousand digital records. The outcome of this approach is a series of conceptually and formally layered compositions, where the intricate connections and processes preceding the painting’’s creation become distinctly visible. Furthermore it showcases the exceptional skill and consistent visual language for which Vehabovic has long been recognised.

Our aim is to offer you an extraordinary art gathering that enables a genuine connection with Zlatan Vehabović — one of the most captivating artistic voices of our era. You’ll also have the opportunity to engage directly in moderated discussions with curators Adriana Belay and Nicole Scheyerer, delving deeply into the development of Contemporary Art.

Nomad’s social and cultural mission is to establish a platform that contributes to the co-creation and promotion of contemporary cultural dialogue. Our ultimate goal is to shape the market for regional artists in Central Europe, fostering enduring cohesive networks in the process.


Private Individuals
Maistra Collection Rovinj
Zagreb Tourist Board
Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia

Zlatan Vehabović, based in Zagreb, was born in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1982. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb, where he is currently also teaching. Noteworthy exhibitions include MoCA Zagreb, MoMA Zagreb, MoFA Split, MoMA Dubrovnik, Stadt Museum Mainz, and the Center for Contemporary Art Hudson Valley. His works are homed in collections such as  the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Albertina Modern Vienna, European Central Bank Art Collection Frankfurt, European Parliament Collection Brussels, Erste Fragments Zagreb, Lauba Foundation Zagreb, Maistra Collection Rovinj, and Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation New York.

Adriana Belay, born in Zagreb, pursued Cultural Management studies at the New School, jointly based in Paris and New York. She later studied at the London School of Economics. Her dedication to fostering international exhibition exchanges led her to the role of Curator for Exhibitions at the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb. Her portfolio includes group exhibitions like ‘Sixties in Croatia’ and ‘The Nutcracker,’ along with solo exhibitions of artists such as Aleksandr Rodchenko, Tiepolo, Matko Vekić, and Matjaž Počivavšek. She’s collaborated with cultural institutions worldwide, including those in the US, Slovenia, Serbia, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, and China. Adriana also boasts over 100 authored articles and oversees the château winery Dvorac Belaj.

Nicole Scheyerer, a Salzburg native, studied philosophy and political science at the University of Vienna. Since 2000, she’s been an art critic, regularly contributing to Viennese magazine Falter, and frequently to the newspaper Der Standard. Her writings have graced publications like Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, where she covers art markets, galleries, art fairs, and auctions. Her articles have also found space in art magazines like Frieze and Monopol. Nicole is a lecturer at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. In 2021, she received the Austrian State Prize for Art Criticism.


Nomad is a platform that contributes to the co-building and promotion of our contemporary cultural discourse. With a special dedication to cross-disciplinary collaborations, our practices include fundraising, commission management, producing exhibitions and publications, building collections as well as artist promotion.  Nomad has taken on the challenge of bridging the worlds of art institutions, philanthropic foundations and non-profit organisations, with the critical public services of artists. Nomad was founded in 2014 by Vanja Žanko, under Jelena Tamindžija Donnart’s leadership from 2017 – 2021, and with a new female leadership team since 2021: Ana Petričić Gojanović, Andrea Šarić, Daria Darmaniyan, Dora Zane, Jelena Tamindžija Donnart, and Vanja Žanko.

Artupunktura, a collaboration between the Zagreb Tourist Board and local cultural producers, showcases individual programs that contribute to the project. Nomad will present these editions during Artupunktura at Urania Zagreb in November. This initiative aims to heighten cultural tourism in the city by linking culture with tourism. Artupunktura places emphasis on contemporary culture, developing cultural offerings to position Zagreb as a hub for creativity and a destination for the urban cultural scene in this part of Europe. It’s a comprehensive social process that leverages art to enrich awareness about creation during autumn in Zagreb.

editions of solidarity & care, founded by Nevena Janković, Strahinja Spasić, and Vanja Žanko in 2022, is a platform dedicated to producing, presenting, and promoting editions. Their project signifies a shared commitment to long-term support for art that explores political systems and spheres of soft power. The first chapter, featuring artist Jasmina Cibic, emerged in 2022, and the current chapter focuses on Zlatan Vehabović. Each artistic presentation is made in adjacence to a local major solo exhibition by the artist in question, bridging the boundaries between traditional institutions and cutting edge project spaces and instead viewing the cityscape as a possible cosmos of collaboration.

Representing this spirit is DIT. gallery space. Founded by Tanya van Breda Vriesman in 2022, it is a site which raises awareness for creativity as a form of tangible hope. By developing intimate exhibitions, talks and gatherings, it signifies a vital node in the Vienna art landscape, bringing together diverse communities in close-knit exchanges built on mutual care and solidarity in the face of uncertain conditions.