Zlatan Vehabovic in group show, Exporting Zagreb, Constructing the Present Memory, Gdansk

Zlatan Vehabovic in group show, Exporting Zagreb, Constructing the Present Memory, Gdansk

Zlatan Vehabovic is participating in the group exhibition Exporting Zagreb, Constructing the Present Memory, curated by the Polish curator Katarzyna Kosmala, taking place at the National Museum in Gdansk, Poland.

With the aim to demonstrate the rich context and diverse cultural heritage of different parts of Croatia, curator Kosmala wanted to emphasize the formation of ‘new’ histories, while recognizing the region’s remarkable contribution to contemporary cultural and artistic creation.
Through the title of the exhibition, Kosmala stresses the importance of recent history in the construction of memories on the present and the key points in the transformation of the practice that takes place today, contextualised back to the 1970s and 1980s, acknowledging technological innovation and visual language of transgression in pioneering works of Edita Schubert (1947-2001) as well as early video experimentation and social activism by Sanja Iveković.
The construction of memory and the related processes of rewriting, recalling, remembering, commemorating, exalting as well as forgetting, are ultimately realised by merging the personal with the collective lens.
(Excerpt from the exhibition announcement, courtesy of Croatian Association of Artists, Zagreb.)

Zlatan Vehabovic's works presented on this show are two canvases from the Foundations in Mud Series. The series focuses on the role and importance of human shelters, emphasizing the powerful psychological aspect of places where we seek protection. Vehabovic's shelters are a metaphorical representation of the anthropocene period, in which human aspiration for progress has become a dark geological force that is grotesquely reshaping the world. The housings or shelters on Vehabovic’s canvases do exist, but their foundations lie in the ''mud'', there are no people inside them or anywhere around them, they are ephemeral, fragile and devastated. The attractively cataclysmic quality of the scenes stems from the artist's daring use of colour, specific for this cycle.

Exporting Zagreb exhibition is the result of the international cooperation between the Croatian Association of the Fine Artists (HDLU) and the National Museum in Gdansk courtesy of curator Kosmala established within third Biennial of painting, when the Polish artists were presented to the audience in Zagreb with an exhibition Exporting Gdańsk.

Curated by:

Katarzyna Kosmala


Gordana Bakić, Ana Bilankov, Siniša Bovcon, Ines Matijević Cakić, Sebastijan Dračić, Danko Friščić, Martina Grlić, Sanja Iveković, Helena Janečić, Rene Bachrach Krištofić, Andreja Kulunčić, Davor Mezak, Pavle Pavlović, Edita Schubert, Stjepan Šandrk, Igor Taritaš, Zlatan Vehabović, Davor Vrankić, Nataša Vuković.

Image credits:

Photographed by Damir Žižić
© Studio Zlatan Vehabović

Zlatan Vehabovic in group show, Exporting Zagreb, Constructing the Present Memory, Gdansk