Zlatan Vehabović, Adris Foundation Grant Winner

Zlatan Vehabović, Adris Foundation Grant Winner

Zlatan Vehabović is a grant winner of Adris Foundation, the largest corporate foundation in this part of Europe.

Under the motto Meet the smart and creative Croatia, this year again Adris Foundation allocated more than HRK 3m to projects that would contribute to a better Croatian future through its programs Knowledge and Discovery, Creativity, Environment, Heritage and Goodness, whereas the best pupils and students as well as post-graduate students and students of doctoral studies were awarded scholarships. Together with these donations, the Adris Foundation since its establishment in 2007 until today has awarded a total amount of almost HRK 30m to projects that encourage innovation, creativity, development of science, preservation of Croatian natural and cultural heritage and goodness and solidarity in Croatian society.

President of the Foundation Board Professor Dr.Sc. Zvonimir Marekovic addressed the audience in the name of the Adris Foundation and said: "Adris Foundation has through its activities throughout eight tenders confirmed that it is achieving long-term goal for the public good, education, science, culture and humane contents. We are aware of the fact that only a society of educated people can successfully take on responsibilities to tackle the challenges we are facing in today's world. Adris Foundation through its donations supports projects of educational institutions, from elementary schools to faculties. Many scientific and research projects that have been implemented come from the area of natural, medical, technical and humanistic sciences that come from the Croatian universities and other science and research centres and persons that have already had success in the field of science with remarkable influence in the world. These persons are leaders and mentors whose articles are published in the most prestigious magazines in the world. This also provides encouragement to other members of the Croatian society who can do the same in a similar or in their own way."

This year 658 applications for the allocation of financial support from the Adris Foundation were received on the basis of the annual tender and the Foundation Management chose 77 of them.

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Vanja Žanko

Zlatan Vehabović, Adris Foundation Grant Winner