Žižić/Kožul, T-HT Award Winners, Zagreb

Žižić/Kožul, T-HT Award Winners, Zagreb

Žižić/Kožul are the winners of the T-HT Award, the most eminent award in Croatia.

The winners were decided by a committee of experts comprising: Anne Barlow, curator and Executive Director of Art in General, NY; prof. dr. sc. Leonida Kovač, Academy of Fine Artis, Zagreb; Dalibor Martinis, multimedia artist; Toni Meštrović, audiovisual artist; Snježana Pintarić, president of the committee of experts, Director of MSU, senior curator; Igor Španjol, curator, modern Gallery, Ljubljana; Leila Topić, curator at MSU.

The first prize went to Sandra Virtaljić for her installation Voljena; the second prize to Ivana Dražić Selmani for a series of drawing under the title Na Dančama; the third prize to the artistic tandem Žižić/Kožul for their installation 0,50.

The awards were presented to the winners by Maja Weber, Director of the Public Relations Department of HT, Vesna Kusin, Deputy Mayor of Zagreb and Vesna Bulatović, Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Culture.

Applicant for artist:

Vanja Žanko

Žižić/Kožul, T-HT Award Winners, Zagreb