Vanja Žanko, Alessandra Bellomo and Maja Rožman in conversation, Zagreb

Vanja Žanko, Alessandra Bellomo and  Maja Rožman in conversation, Zagreb

Vanja Žanko and Maja Rožman will participate in the conversation Marketing and Management of Culture and Art Project at the Croatian Association of Artists in Zagreb. Alessandra Bellomo, Nomad intern, will join the conversation as special guest. The talk is part of the side program to the 33rd Youth Salon, held here.

The 33rd Youth Salon – Budget, developed around the concept by Martina Miholić and Mia Orsag, opened on November 10. The Youth Salon has traditionally been organized by the Croatian Association of Artists as a biennial and this year marks its 33rd installment. The exhibition puts forward a current overview of the younger generation of artists’ production, while introducing new names in art.

The 33rd Youth Salon aims to examine the financial models of artistic work and the existential question of young artists. The Youth Salon will attempt to provide an answer on the possibilities of survival and the variety of resources used to improve the position of culture and artists as individuals. How much space is there left to affirm the individual artistic identities, as well as the cultural identity of a nation? At the same time, how those the current situation still support the creativity of those artists who refuse to give up their vocation?

The curators of the 33rd Youth Salon have attempted to tackle the ways in which artists can fight for their existence and they wish to present a practical overview of the methods and results which allow artists to confirm their presence and activity within the ever more loose culture- and art scene. The problem begins among the younger generations, upon choosing profession and enrolling in art academies, and it is manifested upon losing the institutional protection and entering the real world. The majority of young artists take on job positions inapt to their profession and the levels of education, unrelated to their profession, or even leave their profession entirely in order to secure their basic living needs. In doing so, they are renouncing the time needed for person artistic growth and improvement. Consequently, this leads to questioning the quality of artistic production, as well as of the entire cultural scene.

In keeping with the concept Budget and the propositions of the open call, the jury of experts including Branka Benčić, art historian and independent curator; Kristian Kožul, sculptor and multimedia artist; Božica Dea Matasić, sculptor; Ivana Meštrov, art historian and curator; Martina Miholić, M.A. (graphic art) and concept author; Mia Orsag, sculptor and concept author; Goran Škofić, multimedia artist, have selected 30 artists.

The exhibition will remain open until December 11, 2016. Please, find more information here.

Vanja Žanko, Alessandra Bellomo and  Maja Rožman in conversation, Zagreb