Nomad, Salon Working Unit, Zagreb

Nomad, Salon Working Unit, Zagreb

In its' research of the contemporary challenges in artistic practices and exploration of different strategies of care in artists' increasingly precarious working and living conditions, Nomad launched the project of the temporary Working Unit operating in different places and circumstances. The organization’s working processes take place within the temporary pavilion, new ideas are tested out, friends and coworkers meet and develop future projects. Sometimes, it simply serves as a resting place filled with good books and magazines.

In this context, we see the museum as a place for collective action and networking with the purpose of distributing the world of art. Nomad maintains a network of people and institutions which create a complex community within the world of art. Its function implies the revitalization or creation of new relations between individuals and institutions, and its activity develops relations based on solidarity and mutual care. It encourages collaboration and creativity in its stakeholders; it engenders the mutual understanding of the community and collective work on different levels.

Working Unit was set-up during 49 Zagreb Salon.

Designed by

Mario Furčić, Tim bolje

Produced by


Nomad, Salon Working Unit, Zagreb