Jasmina Cibic, The Nation Loves it, NY

Jasmina Cibic, The Nation Loves it, NY

Jasmina Cibic is proud to present an upcoming solo exhibition in New York, a gallery installation of the first film chapter of Spielraum: The Nation Loves It (2015) originally produced for the artist's solo exhibition at the Ludwig Museum Budapest and featuring collaborations with Tim Etchells, Cathy Naden and Simon Fisher Turner.

The Nation Loves It is the first chapter in Jasmina Cibic’s Spielraum trilogy, which uncovers and explores universal methods and strategies of language (rhetoric) and reveals visual presentation as the key element in the creation of patriotic spectacle. Spielraum demonstrates what happens to a given visual idiom when the ideology and state that sponsored it collapses. The film focuses on representative and representational iconography in architecture and art, which becomes redundant and often disturbing to the ensuing ideology.
In Spielraum, Cibic is interested in the questions posed by the very ideological mechanisms that assist in the creation of national and transnational myths, and draws the spectator’s attention to how the authority that delegated them in the first place deals with them, when their representative moments have lapsed.
The visual concept of the film is to show the similarities of various architectural examples from different geographical and cultural spaces, while constantly posing paraphrased visual questions about the intents of the builders of states and ideologies: to what extent do art and architecture depend on illusion, representation, and reproduction conditioned by rhetoric and visual images? Spielraum is set in an indeterminate future. The sequencing of timelines and references of individual cinematic elements (scenography, costumes, script, locations, music) triggers reflection and contextualizes questions that are inseparably linked to transformations of national and cultural identities both in the past and the present.


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Spielraum - The Nation Loves It (still), 2015, Single channel HD video, 15 min 45 sec, 16:9, stereo.

Jasmina Cibic, The Nation Loves it, NY