Jasmina Cibic in group show, Bird in Hand, Palo Alto

Jasmina Cibic in group show, Bird in Hand, Palo Alto

Jasmina Cibic is participating in the group exhibition Bird in the Hand, taking place in Palo Alto Art Center, California.

Since earliest recorded history, birds have inspired both awe and superstition. Their flapping, singing, tapping, and preening feed our imaginations, visiting not only the dreams of artists, but the collective consciousness of the entire human race. For this exhibition, we have created our very own exotic aviary, featuring the work of more than 40 artists from around the world.
(Excerpt from the exhibition announcement, courtesy of Palo Alto Art Center, Palo Alto.)

Jasmina Cibic is joining in the show with the video projection Rotations. The video work Rotations is a looped vertical HD projection with sound. The work draws from the iconography of the bird of prey and its historical transition from a symbol of state power to its subsequent assimilation into commercial branding strategies, fully prompting the audience to consider exactly how the two are connected.
Rotations focuses on the movements of trained falcons as once powerful historical symbols – perhaps the first ‘luxury toys’ of ancient European nobles – and understandably animals that would come to feature, together with numerous other birds of prey, in the language of heraldry; the visual shorthand for state and powerful clans alike. Through linking the moving image to the plinth-like objects, which are in fact artist commissioned replicas of design masterpieces of the 20th century, Cibic highlights the simultaneity of the architectural accessory and the object that it displays, and the encapsulation of luxury and power that surrounds both.
Cibic both teases us with the undoubted seduction of such loaded symbols before posing serious questions about how such iconography is subsequently harnessed to altogether more quotidian political or commercial agendas. And, of course, somewhere within the deluge of ideas contained in the works, there is also something of a romantic bent; a poetic elegy to the natural beauty of these birds now reduced to tourist souvenirs or the detritus of spectacle.

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Troy Abbott, Lauren Ari, Eiko Borcherding, Ria Brodell, Jasmina Cibic, Emilie Clark, Timothy Cummings, Sarah Louise Davey, Lauren DiCioccio, Jessica Joslin, Christina Empedocles, Mandy Greer, Michael Hall, Rita Harowitz, Nicole Jean Hill, Dennis Hlynsky, Isabella Kirkland, Walter Kitundu, Malia Landis, Hung Liu, Nathan Lynch, Kara Maria, Stephanie Metz, Susan Middleton, Robert Minervini, Vik Muniz, Jose Nuniz, Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor, Selene Perez, Robb Putnam, Alan Rath, Alexis Rockman, Alexander James Rohrig, Clare Rojas, Jane Rosen, Laurel Roth Hope, Anne Siems, Deborah Simon, Kiki Smith, Sarah Smith, Inez Storer, Kevin Earl Taylor, Esther Traugot, Tara Tucker, Carlos Villa, Gerald Wiggins, Gail Wight, Darren Waterston.

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Jasmina Cibic in group show, Bird in Hand, Palo Alto