Jasmina Cibic, Architecture, group award, Paris

Jasmina Cibic, Architecture, group award, Paris

We are proud to announce that Jasmina Cibic is one of the five artists that will have the chance to present their films for Recontres Internationales Paris/Berlin at Gaîté Lyrique. She will receive her french premiere for the film Nada: Act I.

Jasmina Cibic’s film trilogy NADA draws parallels between the construction of national culture and its use-value for political aims. The first chapter Nada: Act I fans out from a biographical thread of architect and artist Vjenceslav Richter, one of the key figures in charge of the visual representation of the Yugoslav state and his first and unrealized design for the Yugoslav Pavilion at the 1958 EXPO in Brussels. Cibic traced this architecture through archives and recreated the pavilion’s initial design as a musical instrument. In the film, a violinist constructs and continually tunes the instrument according to the Miraculous Mandarin, a musical composition for ballet written by Béla Bartók. This artwork was the one chosen to represent Yugoslavia at the most important dates of the pavilion itself – its National Days – whose role was to maximise the attention and the number of visitors. Paradoxically, this work was since its conception in 1917 marred by state censorship due to its explicit subject matter: a plot of a prostitute, her pimps and the client – roles which Cibic recasts in the following chapters of Nada into characters of Mother Nation, politicians and the artist in charge of national presentation.


© Jasmina Cibic 2016
Nada: Act I, still from single channel HD video, stereo, 10 min 9 sec.


Jasmina Cibic (Croatia), Aglaia Konrad (Belgium), Laurence Bonvin (Suisse), Arianne Olthaar (Netherlands), Anton Ginzburg (USA).

Jasmina Cibic, Architecture, group award, Paris