Igor Eskinja in group show Parkour, Zagreb

Igor Eskinja in group show Parkour, Zagreb

The title of the project arrives from the idea of parkour – a practice using movement, developed from obstacle training, playful reinterpretation and subversion of urban spaces that involves seeing one's environment in a new way, imagining the potentialities for movement around it.

The exhibition explores different artistic, cultural and social practices that “make use of” the space, questions transitions, possibilities, disruptions, failures, insecurities, relations to historical trajectories of contemporary art, emancipation, public space, urban environment and institutions of art. It is developing as a (play)ground to explore physical and conceptual obstacles “overcoming and adapting to mental and emotional obstacles as well as physical barriers”, interacting with the (urban) environment, challenging the use and meaning of urban space, metropolitan life, and embodiment.
Critical position of different artistic practices marked the global art scene since the 1960s and 1970s. The radical and innovative artistic practices shaped alternative ways of production and presentation of art, redefinition of the work of art, shift of artistic conventions, questioning systems and institutions of art. Time of social, political and cultural shifts formed specific interest for the redefinition of public, urban actions – from protests to artistic interventions, in activities that were making use of the street as the place of artistic event. The emancipation of art from institutional frameworks of the gallery space and direct confrontation with the public, is seeing new ways of artistic expression: happening, performance, urban interventions. Film/video and photography gain new role for documenting artist’s activities, a shift occurs from the understanding of art as aesthetic object to analitical and critical interest towards the immediate environment, body, language, strategies of repetition, detournement, humour, irony, questioning the institutional and social context.

The exhibition brings together international artists from different generations and different cultural and ideological frameworks, various artistic positions that adopt strategies of performance, public actions, appropriate urban context as social playground, establishing historical trajectories making visible the idea and possibilities for individual's critical interventions in the urban fabric.


Branka Benčić


Ante Babaja, Nemanja Cvijanović, Igor Eškinja, Igor Grubić, Grupa Šestorice autora, Vlatka Horvat, Luiza Margan, Ferhat Ozgur, Nesa Paripović

Image courtesy:
Igor Eškinja: Street display, wooden panels, 210 x 240 cm, 2009
© Studio Igor Eškinja

Igor Eskinja in group show Parkour, Zagreb