Site-specific installations in Hotel Adriatic, Maistra, Rovinj

Site-specific installations in Hotel Adriatic, Maistra,  Rovinj

Studio 3LHD, Studio Franic Sekoranja and Nomad are collaborating on the reconstruction of the Hotel Adriatic in Rovinj.

Hundred years old Hotel Adriatic is the only hotel in the urban fabric of the city of Rovinj, located in the Rovinj old town. A comprehensive renovation transformed it into a luxurious focal point of the city, through the collective efforts of creative people from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Germany and France. The authors of the concept and architecture are architects from Studio 3LHD, Studio Franić Šekoranja with 3LHD are responsible for the interior design, Vanja Žanko was the art curator, graphic designer Lana Cavar is responsible for the visual identity and the staff uniforms were designed by Studio I-GLE. In addition to preserving the heritage values of the hotel, historical layers of the hotel were interpreted in the design, and the artistic interventions created a contemporary cosmopolitan spirit.

At the same time old and new, vintage and modern, the Adriatic is simply a unique hotel with art, a complete environment in which fantasy and reality interact through artistic interventions and everyday objects. It is transformed from a place to stay in into a place of gathering, from a temporarily active space during the tourist season into a space of year-round residence, from a space isolated from the context into a Mecca to meet with local stories. From a place to sleep into a space for dreamers.
The building is located in a protected historic centre of Rovinj, causing the renovation project to have a lot of predetermined factors. The conservationists’ attitude according to which the complete reconstruction of the external facade of the building without any possibility for a contemporary reinterpretation of its individual parts was required was fully respected. Changes were allowed in the interior of the building – which was used as inspiration for the concept that is permeated by the buildings historical layers.

The client wanted this reconstruction to result in spacious rooms and ground floor catering facilities oriented to all guests of Rovinj, not just the hotel guests. A series of interventions thus opened up the interior and made it more representative. Emphasis was placed on maintaining the existing staircase that leads from the first to the fourth floor. The new staircase from the ground floor to the rooms is placed eccentric relative to the ground floor to make the public facilities of the hotel (cafe, brasserie) more open towards the town square.

The authentic historical appearance from the year 1913 was kept in the exterior, while the visually rich new interior is eclectic, contemporary, classic and elegant, with lots of texture, tone and color. When designing the interior concept the emphasis was placed on creating the atmosphere and aesthetics rather than the restoration of the original interior. The main characteristic of the interior are site-specific art installations, complemented with smaller works that are placed throughout the space, whose authors are well-known international artists. The creation of site-specific art works required a constant fine-tuning and testing of their own practice from the artists, and the work on this hotel represented a true collaborative challenge for all of the participants. The uniquely designed rooms seem like artistic studios; their intimate ambience provides the guests with an atmosphere of an elegant home, not a hotel room. Rooms vary in size, decorated with very similar furniture, but with completely different works of art. Art works of museum value together make an impressive and unique hotel art collection with more than a hundred pieces that will be enjoyed by the curious guests looking for a different experience.

Artists represented in the collection are Abdelkader Benchamma, Jasmina Cibic, Igor Eškinja, Chris Goennawein, Kristina Lenard, Federico Luger, Charles Munka, Goran Petercol, Valentin Ruhry, SofijaSilvia, Saša Šekoranja, Massimo Uberti, Zlatan Vehabović and Žižić/Kožul. The hotel portfolio comprises of a generation of powerful artistic expressions, artists who are recognized in the international context and whose works were exhibited and acquired by prestigious museums, foundations and collections. Some of them are: Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris, Bentley Elements in Crewe, Albertina in Vienna, ZKM in Karlsruhe, Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation in Milan, Casino Luxembourg in Luxemburg, MAXXI in Rome, Museum Moderner Kunst in vienna, Lentos Kunstmuseum in Linz, Ludwig Museum in Budapest, Gallery Camera Austria in Graz, Boghossian Foundation in Bruxelles, Vehbi Koç Foundation in Istanbul, Drawing Center in PS1 in New York, Lauba House in Zagreb, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka.

The unique hotel staff uniforms are designed in line with the concept of blending the traditional and contemporary artistic manner of all visual elements. They function as a kind of aesthetic manifesto which underlines the basic idea of Adriatic as a hotel with a centennial heritage legacy. The styles have been developed as a highly sophisticated upgrade of the classic clothing standards characteristic for the elegant hotel appearance. Inspired by the subtle aesthetics of classic elegance, the uniforms are also in a clash with the modern notion of functional clothing. They promote a sophisticated casualness unrestrained with classic patterns and expectations that are usually applied in the treatment of hotel uniforms in a very modern way, but at the same time their stylistic simplicity links the traditional with the modern. The colors range from anthracite gray to white and the fabric is exclusively natural cotton.
The inspiration of the Hotel Adriatic visual identity development was primarily the eclectic character of the hotel in which features of the old building and new architecture, the typology of a hotel and a gallery, classic and contemporary expressions, the relaxed and classy atmosphere collide. The logo consists of two typographies, a modernist and a classic one, but both directly inspired by the forms of characters from the period in which the hotel building was created. It is relatively abstract, a form that is remembered by looking more than reading, such as typographic illustrations.


Studio 3LHD

Project team

Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Silvije Novak, Zorislav Petrić, Dijana Vandekar

Project team collaborators

Nives Krsnik Rister, Nevena Kuzmanić, Ivana Šajn

Concept and architecture

Studio 3LHD

Interior design

Studio Franjić Šekoranja with Studio 3LHD

Art curator

Vanja Žanko

Participating artists

Abdelkader Benchamma, Jasmina Cibic, Igor Eškinja, Chris Goennawein, Kristina Lenard, Federico Luger, Charles Munka, Goran Petercol, Valentin Ruhry, SofijaSilvia, Saša Šekoranja, Massimo Uberti, Zlatan Vehabović, Žižić/Kožul

Staff uniforms desinged by

Studio I-GLE

Visual identity and graphic design

Lana Cavar with Marino Krstačić-Furić and Ana Tomić


Art production management: Ana Cvitaš
Curatorial assistant: Antonella Boldrin
Special projects - kitchen: Zoran Divjak (Dekode d.o.o.)
Bill of quantities: Ivana Trobić, Renato Gulić (FOREL projekt)
Structural engineering: Krešimir Tarnik, Valentino Obajdin (Ured ovlaštenog inženjera građevinarstva Krešimir Tarnik)
Mechanical installations: Igor Karačić, Katica Pocrnja (Eksperterm)
Plumbing and drainage: Ivan Vajdić, Davorin Gržan, Suzana Nuić (Eksperterm)
Sprinkler installation: Branimir Samac (Sprinkler d.o.o.)
Elevators: Rok Pietri (Lift Modus d.o.o.)
Fire safety, health&safety project: Josip Radeljić, Milan Carević, Matija Žerjav (Inspekting d.o.o.)
Lighting: Ninoslav Kušter (ORTOFORMA)

Clients’ project manager

Abilia d.o.o. (Davor Rovis)

Clients’ representative

Davor Rovis (Abilia d.o.o.), Peter Loesch (Maistra d.d.)

Site supervision: Ramus d.o.o.
Main contractor: Radnik d.d.
Subcontractors: Bistra d.o.o. (construction), TM Elektroinstalacije d.o.o. (electrical installations), Instalomont Termocentar d.o.o. (mechanical installations), Vrh d.o.o. (plumbing and drainage), Adrion d.o.o. (finishing works), Ariš Jarc d.o.o. (carpentry), Internova d.o.o. (carpentry and custom made fittings), Apin sustavi d.o.o. (sprinkler)

Site-specific installations in Hotel Adriatic, Maistra,  Rovinj
Site-specific installations in Hotel Adriatic, Maistra,  Rovinj
Site-specific installations in Hotel Adriatic, Maistra,  Rovinj